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SKX007 Crown: Blue Coin


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  • Fits Seiko SKX007/009
  • Compatible with 7s26-0020 case size
  • NH36/35 stem included
  • Stem must be trimmed to size
  • Upgraded triple gaskets

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The SKX007 Blue Coin Crown adds the perfect hint of blue to any mod. Everyone knows this very popular blue as a cool color and compliments well with any mod. Because of the hints of green and grey undertones, this blue can vary shades under different lighting conditions. Coupled with the popularity and versatility, we decided to make it available for bezels, inserts, chapter rings, and even cases! Equally important is the fact that you can find all of those parts right here at Watch-Modz! Read more about this very popular color HERE.

If you’re looking to match your colors, look no further! Because our blue coin Crown match our blue bezels and blue chapter rings perfectly. Don’t hesitate any longer! Get your blue coin crown today!

This SKX crown has been pressure tested to 200m. So, rest assured, performing a SKX007 crown upgrade will NOT compromise your original SKX007 water resistance. Keep your OEM water resistance while showing off a little blue on your Seiko mod!

Included with our blue coin SKX007 crown is a stem (tap size 10) that is compatible with most Seiko OEM and Aftermarket movements.

You will NEED to trim the stem to size depending on the specific case you use in your next seiko mod base.

Compatible with the following movements: 7S26, NH35, NH36, NH35a, NH36a, NH37, NH38, NNH39, NH70, NH71, NH72, NE15, 4R36, 6R15, & More! 


Watch-Modz has a commitment to deliver quality crowns for your Seiko builds and modifications. Our Chameleon Crown matches our Chameleon Bezels and Chameleon Chapter Ring perfectly. Our SKX Crown comes with a free stem to complete your Seiko build with the perfect touch.



An SKX007 Crown needs to flow with your build idea. Don’t let one of the most important parts of your mod be one of the plainest! From our silver coin edge to our chameleon “S” crown, the variety is abundant. We have over 10 different styles to fit with whatever your mod concept may be.

With our upgraded triple gasket system, you can rest assured that our SKX007 Crowns will hold the 200M of Water Resistance they are rated for. Furthermore, just like our other parts, these too are 316L stainless steel for that lasting quality and finish.

Now is your chance to find the perfect crown to match your vision. There is never a disappointment with the quality of our SKX mod parts we have in stock!

Add a beautifully finished Seiko SKX007 replacement case to your order to match your new crown!