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NH35 Dial: Gray Seigaiha


Perfect for an SKX007 Mod!

Gray Seigaiha Dial

Limited to only 250 Pieces

  • 28.5MM Diameter
  • 4 dial feet for 3 and 3:45 crown position
  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Date window for NH35 movement
  • Blue Lume for white hour markers
  • Applied Polished Silver Hour Markers
  • Japanese Seigaiha Wave Pattern

In stock

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Introducing The Limited Edition Gray NH35 Seigaiha Dial!

The Seigaiha, or wave, is a pattern of layered circles creating arches. These arches are symbolic of waves or water and represent surges of good luck. It can also signify power and resilience. The Seigaiha wave pattern has been used on Kimonos and other goods in Japan for over 1000 years. Now you too can experience the beauty of the Seigaiha Wave pattern every day on your wrist with the new Watch-Modz Limited Edition Seigaiha Dial!

If you would like to read more about this traditional pattern you can read more HERE.

These dials come with 4 dial feet for both the 3 o’clock and 3:45 crown position for NH35. Simply clip the 2 dial feet that you will not need and it will be completely plug and play! Don’t Forget to Pick up an NH35 Movement from our shop to go with this beautiful Gray NH35 Seigaiha Dial!