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SKX007 Chapter ring: Black GMT



  • Color: Black with White 24Hr GMT
  • Diameter: 30.5mm
  • Inner Diameter: 27mm
  • Hight: 2.3mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Compatibility: Seiko SKX007, SKX009, SKX011, SKX171, SKX173 and SKX175

Note: Alignment Pin at 12:00 (24HR)

Out of stock

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SKX007 GMT Chapter Ring

The new Black GMT Chapter Ring for the Seiko SKX007 is finally here! With the release of the new Seiko NH34 movement more GMT mods have been popping up. You may have noticed that when you went to build your NH34 mod there weren’t very many GMT parts available. We are set to change that and change that fast. Watch-Modz will be releasing new GMT parts every month to help add variety to the market for this amazing new movement. You can check out our NH34 GMT hands already available on site to add to this beautiful Black GMT Chapter Ring for your next Seiko build!

Read our GMT Modding Tutorial for a quick reference!

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